Introducing Addiclyx

Our Team

We are a digital marketing agency offering ‘Done-for-you’ Facebook advertising and Customer Automation services.

Our agency may just be getting started, but we’re building on a foundation of experience and innovation.

Martin Jamieson

CEO / Founder

Martin, brings over 25 years of experience as an IT Project Manager and Consultant having worked with many multi-national Mining, Financial, Educational and Government organisations implementing CRM and functional Business Solutions. This deep understanding of technology and data management plays a crucial role in the targeted strategies and Customer lifecycle management processes we offer to our clients.

Izak Jamieson


Izak, complements this experience with a youthful hunger and a modern perspective on digital marketing. Already making a name for himself as an online youth safety advocate and a member of the Australian eSafety Commission ‘Online Youth Safety Advisory Council’, Izak was recently named the Jordan electorate ‘Young Person of the Year’ for 2023. His insights into digital trends and online behaviour inform our understanding of the ever-changing Facebook and Instagram advertising landscape.


Lead Generation

All businesses need more customers. We help you find them with our ‘Done-for-you’ Facebook Advertising service. We qualify your leads and make sure they are ready for what you have to offer.


Automated Tools

Following up with new leads and making sure they turn up for appointments is time consuming and a stress you don’t need.

We automate this process for you, giving you access to a CRM system and phone app that automatically follows up with leads and customers at all points of their lifecycle


Moneyback Guarantee

We get that hiring a marketing agency can be daunting and we want to take a lot of that risk off you as the business owner. All the services we offer can be tracked to give you a clear picture on the number of new customers acquired and the profit your marketing activities have generated.

If you don’t make a profit on your marketing spend each month, we’ll refund our fee, up to the amount that you fell short.