Digital Marketing for Local Businesses – What can a Consultant do for Your Business?

As a small local business owner, you have a few options when it comes to online marketing:

  1. You can do it yourself;
  2. You can hire an in-house marketing manager full-time; or
  3. You can hire a marketing consultant / agency to do it for you on a monthly retainer at (hopefully) a fraction of the cost

I want to introduce you to the type of services that Addiclyx can offer your business as part of a monthly retainer plan. You get the ability to pick and choose what’s needed for your business and with no lock-in contracts, you can get reliable and measurable marketing outcomes for your business at a significant discount to that of a full-time marketing manager / in-house marketing team.

Here’s a quick overview of the main services we offer to our clients… it’s not an exhaustive list as we tailor our proposal to meet the specific needs of your business, but it gives you an idea on where 95% of our efforts are focused.

Local Marketing Strategy – Social / Digital – Tailored to your local area

If all your customers are in your local area, and you need to drive them to your door – we will focus your online marketing strategy to target local people in your area and drive them to your storefront.

We typically look at the full end-to-end marketing strategy that you’ll need to find new customers, engage your existing ones and drive buying behaviours to maintain a constantly feeding sales funnel.

If you want your phone to be ringing, or people walking in your front door – we can help you smash it out of the park.


Search engine optimisation… it’s what every small business owner wants – to be found high up on the first page of Google when someone searches for your products/services.

SEO has changed a bit in the last few years, we keep up to date with the current trends and will develop a rock solid plan to get you where you need to be. Local SEO and reputation building is a key element of what we do

Social Advertising – Leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram etc.

Facebook is huge. There are 1.8 Billion active monthly users on Facebook and we have the ability to laser target ads down to specific demographics. Facebook is THE premium marketing channel on the Internet today, with very good reason. Twitter, Pintrest, Instagram, Snapchat – all great social networks that let you get in front of the audience that you need.

While we do focus heavily on Facebook, we look at where your customers are and figure out the best way to reach them.


Have you ever visited a website and looked at a product, only to see an advert for that exact product on Facebook or another website soon after? That’s called pixel retargeting… and it’s highly effective, especially when you match it to certain areas of your sales funnel and take into account the current stage of that customers journey.

Addiclyx can help you retarget people who are already interested in your product, but just haven’t got around to buying yet. Retargeting is one of the ‘secret’ weapons in digital marketing, let us help you to make the most of it.

Content Marketing

Do you need content for your website or social pages to help drive awareness and engagement with your customers? Doesn’t matter if it is a written article, infographic, video, or something completely different. We can help layout a content marketing strategy, and if need be help create the content to take your online marketing efforts to the next level.

Email Marketing

Do you have an email marketing list? Are you utilising it to it’s full potential? Do you need to build an email list?

Email marketing is so much more than just creating an email list and sending out emails. We help you to measure engagement, segment your mailing list based on that user engagement and laser target prospective buyers at the right stage of their journey. Getting your email marketing ‘right’ can be one of the more complex elements of digital marketing, but also one of the most successful channels.

Sales Funnel Optimisation

Do you have a clear picture of how your products and services fit together and how best to get them in front of the right customer at the right time?

Addiclyx live and breath sales funnels. We help you define and then optimise your sales funnel so you can constantly find leads and drive them to be paying customers.

Analytics and Key Metric Tracking

There is no use throwing money into marketing unless you can analyse the results and track the outcomes of what it achieves. Here at Addiclyx we make sure your marketing analytics are configured correctly and the correct key performance indicators (KPI’s) are measured and tracked to help give you an idea of how your marketing dollars are performing.

…if you don’t like what we’re doing, and if we can’t show you clear evidence of the value we are providing to your business – then we don’t deserve to have your business.

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