Hi There! I’mMartin Jamieson Martin – owner of Addiclyx and a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant.

I’ve been a consultant for the last 9 years – not specifically in the digital marketing space, but as a Project Manager and a Test Manager for one of the larger IT consultancies in Brisbane (Oakton and Dimension Data). I’ve worked on projects for some of the largest companies and universities in the state, as well as most of the State Government departments, mostly implementing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Web based (Internet and Intranet) Systems.

I’ve given up my 1-hour commute (each way) and working for someone else, and swapped it for my own Digital Marketing Agency where I can do the kids school runs, work out of any coffee shop I like and focus my enthusiasm and energy on helping as many people as possible reach their business goals.

With access to an amazing team of remote experts that I can scale to meet the needs of virtually any project, my Project Management background has us laser focused on process and methodology to ensure we get consistently amazing results for our clients.

We Help Your Business Achieve Awesome Growth

Afacebook-self-smddiclyx is a digital marketing consultancy, based in Brisbane, Australia that specialises in Facebook Advertising, Sales Funnel optimisation and local business SEO and social media advertising.

If you’re located near Brisbane and would like to work with us directly, we can easily organise a face-to-face meeting and work directly with your team – just send an enquiry via our contact page and we can set up a meeting soon (we also do limited amounts of remote work with clients based outside of the Brisbane area).