Facebook Advertising
There are 1.8 Billion active monthly users on Facebook and we have the ability to laser target ads down to specific demographics and retarget interested people who only make it part way through your sales funnel. Facebook is THE premium marketing channel on the Internet today, with very good reason.
Sales Funnel Optimisation
The cornerstone of any great digital marketing campaign is your sales funnel... it's the framework behind how you move a potential lead through to a customer - it's where you make money. Addiclyx intimately understands the sales funnel structure and our processes and methodology will help you define and manage yours.

Digital Marketing for Local Businesses – What can a Consultant do for Your Business?

As a small local business owner, you have a few options when it comes to online marketing: You can do it yourself; You can hire an in-house marketing manager full-time; or You can hire a marketing consultant / agency to do it for you on a monthly retainer at (hopefully) …